What does it do?

Facilitates signing experience using keys from client system on different OSs.

Facilitates to expedite signing experience using our restful APIs on your favoured development platforms.

Facilitates to use different types of certificates for various types of signing.

Facilitates facile user experience in numerous type of web, desktop and network applications.


How does emBridge work?

emBridge runs as a windows service/daemon on your client’s system exposing restful web API’s to be consumed in your applications.

In which type of applications emBridge can be used?

It exposes restful web APIs that makes it to seamlessly get integrated in most of the web/desktop and network applications.

Is it secure to use emBridge?

emBridge uses encrypted request/response on a secure channel.

Can I use it for authentication?

Yes, you can use emBridge for your authentication needs.

Can I sign in bulk?

Yes, different type of data in bulk can be signed in a single transaction.

Is it possible to apply filters while listing certificates?

Yes, we support several type of filters while listing the certificates.

Which Operating Systems does emBridge support?

Mac OS 10.12 or higher version , Windows (7 SP2+, 8.1, 1607+, 2008 R2 SP1+), Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6+, CentOS 7, Oracle Linux 7, Fedora 27 Debian 9, 8.7+, Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04, 14.04, Linux Mint 18, 17, openSUSE 42.3+, SUSE Enterprise Linux (SLES)12 SP2+.

Can I use emBridge if I am already using emSigner client side signing component in my PC? Will it result in a port conflict or another issue?

emBridge doesn’t have any known conflict with another application.

What are the dependencies I need to have in client system to use emBridge?

There is no specific dependency required for emBridge. Its installer takes care of all the dependency based on architecture of client operating system.

Which Tokens do you support?

ePass 2003 Auto, WatchData Proxkey, Trustkey, eMudhra WatchData, Aladdin, eToken PKI, CryptoID mToken and many more.

I am new to cryptography, how can I get it implemented in my application?

We provide libraries for your hassle free integration and we have a dedicated integration support system.

What all type of signing is supported?

emBridge supports hash, text and XML signing resulting in most of the file type signing from PDF, text, JSON, XML etc.

What all features are supported by emBridge?

List connected tokens, corresponding certificates and use them for numerous type of authentication and signing use cases.

Can I sign files residing in server?

Yes, you can either generate hash of your data or send the complete data to client system for signing.

I have several files in my PC, do I need to upload them to server before signing?

No, You need not to upload it. You can use bulk offline signing.

I have an encryption certificate, can it be used for encrypting files in my system?

Yes, emBridge facilitates client side encryption.

Do I need to have java (java runtime environment) in client system to use emBridge?

emBridge uses mixed technologies and it is independent of java. You need not to have java to use emBridge.

What are the prerequisites to use emBridge?

Please refer download section of this portal to check if your operating system is supported. Other than operating system there are no other prerequisites required.

If you have any queries or you need any
integration / technical support,
please feel free to write us on embridge.support@emudhra.com


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